Pieces of the Whole

They are a couple. The wife is a scientist preparing for the GRE and the husband is preparing for the GMAT. They have a blonde, curly-haired little tyke who often visits the office as her parents alternate taking classes.

The wife has a slow sweet smile, and there’s something about her that makes me instantly like her.

The husband often walks into classes smelling of tire smoke. He actively protests, and the wife holds down the fort at home. Both parents have bags under their eyes but both, dutifully, come to class.

The husband has not done any homework in the last month, and in light of the circumstances, I find it hard to chastise him. I only fret because I know it worsens his chances for improving his future.

Unfortunately, he is not the only one.

I have another student studying for the GMAT who nods off in class. He too often smells of tire smoke so I know where he has been.

He’s been worried about his test. He recently came to the realization that the revolution is not the end of the road and so he needs do better in other areas of his life as well.

He promised he’d try harder in class since his wife had left for her mother’s house. She did not like staying home alone while he protested.

These are just some of the faces of the protesters. They’re not jobless hooligans just trying to stir up trouble. They are working professionals who work hard, attend classes, study, and maintain families all while fighting for their civil rights.


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