Day 3 of Violent Revolution in Ukraine

I live and work in the city center of Kyiv. Today was the first day I came home from work before 9:45pm.

All businesses and schools surrounding the revolution were asked to shut down and vacate the premises by 5pm. The protests became violent late on Sunday and fade in and out with the night.

I am a bit perplexed by the attitudes of people I see on the street. My office is about 4 blocks away from the violence and my apartment is even closer. I can hear explosions and the sounds of the revolution have been filtering into my bedroom for the last 2 months. Most of the people I encounter on my way to and from the office are heading to or coming from the protests. I am expecting grim determination or worry but instead everyone is going about business as usual. At times, I come across youthful groups carrying flags and making jokes.

I guess this is good in a sense because it means that they have not been broken yet.


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