Goodbye, America!!!


It’s raining outside and there’s jazz playing… Could my departure be anymore cliché? But it’s super romantic and I am enjoying some down time by myself. That’s myself and my potbelly sandwich. Unfortunately, it’s being interrupted right now by a young man who decided to sit way too close and play the show on his phone obnoxiously loud.

For some reason this reminds me of Eat, Pray, Love. I never made it through the whole book. I cavorted through Eat and came to a screeching halt at Pray. Food is for sharing and introspection is private. Probably why I had no desire to navigate her spiritual journey. Not hating on the book. Either way I never finished it so I can’t fullyp relate it to this experience.

I’m not on a journey of introspection. It might happen but my priorities are to experience new things and have an awesome time. You only live around 75 years and I intend to jam as much living into those years as possible.

Also, can I just say I LOVE departing and arriving at night? I have an obsession with the view. I know it’s all light pollution, but there’s something magical about the way cities twinkle in the dark, a glittering beacon in the quiet night.


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