You Look Fabulous

My grandmother is the quintessential dragon lady. She survived the Korean War, lost her husband early, finished raising 3 children by herself, and trekked all the way to America. She is also illiterate but sharp as a whip. You don’t survive that kind of life without a spirit like hers.

She raised my brother and me but when I was 17 she suffered a minor stoke. This impeded her gait and a few weeks later she fell down the concrete steps in front of our house and broke her knee in 3 places. For a lady who raised several children and ran the house and kitchen for decades this was unacceptable. Rehab was also unacceptable. To her, it was tantamount to a nursing home and due to her fiercely independent nature she resisted and, consequently, failed to heal her injury.

As a result, my grandmother had to move in with her daughter (a stay at home mother) in North Carolina so she could have the constant care that my family could not provide. A fact that she has not forgiven us for. She smacked me from her wheelchair the last time I saw her. Serious dragon lady.

One of the few things I have left of my grandmother’s is her fur stole. I came upon it while I was packing away things for my trip to Ukraine.


Where is your body!?



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