Annual OC Trip

“Crab cakes and football, that’s what Maryland does.”

Hells yeah!!! Every year, my friends and I make it a point to eat as many Chesapeake blue crabs as possible.

Callinectes sapidus; savory beautiful swimmer. Could the name be anymore perfect? It is a beautiful creature that has an interesting life cycle and displays sexual dimorphism. You can tell the males apart from the females by looking at their “apron”, the flap on the underbelly. Males have an apron that resembles the Washington monument (known for it’s phallic shape) and the females have an apron that resembles the Capitol building!

Interesting fact #3, one of the easiest ways to catch lots of blue crabs is by using a honeypot. You set up a trap during prime mating season and sweeten it with a male crab. The females will swarm the pot. Muahahaha

More crabbing methods here


But I digress, my best friend and I like to make at least one trip a year to On The Bay Seafood. It’s a giant sandbox with picnic tables right off the main road and the seasoning on the crabs is great! Now I can cross 2 items off my bucket list! 🙂



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